Different Types of Pressure Sensors

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Different Types of Pressure Sensors:

If you have ever broken a bone, you might be able to sense hypothetically when the weather is changing. Your ankle or wrist is responding to changes in the barometric pressure — the force that is being exerted by the atmosphere. In other words, you are a pressure sensor.
Luckily, your body doesn’t have to function as a sensor and there are many different types of pressure sensors. We can rely on a wide variety of these sensors. Read on to find out some of the different types of pressure sensors .

What, Exactly, Are Pressure Sensors?

Sensors, also sometimes called gauges, are instruments that are used to detect and to measure the pressure of a gas or liquid.

These sensors are often transducers, used to convert a signal created in one type of energy (pressure) to a signal in another (voltage is typical output).

A Few Types of Sensors

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Instead, it provides a broad overview of the many kinds of sensors that are available on the market today.


Think about when you need to put air in your car tires. Know that little gadget attached to the hose that tells you what the tire’s inflation pressure is? That is a form of air pressure sensor (whether it is mechanic pressure gauge or a digital pressure sensor).


Although the first barometers date back to the 1600s, modern barometric pressure sensors are much more sophisticated and therefore more accurate. Yet both measure pressure changes in atmospheric pressure.


As the name implies, this type of sensor measures the difference between two points of pressure. For example, taking the difference in pressure of a liquid and of the air (gas) above that liquid can determine fluid “pressure” level.


A piezoresistive sensor utilizes a type of strain gauge, often manufactured from monocrystalline silicon, that can sense a high level of resistance change due to “pressure” exerted against it.


Analog is a broad sensor category. It measures pressure using a dial, rather than a digital readout. Analog gauges have been helping us measure pressure since the Industrial Revolution and today manifests themselves also in the form of analog output pressure sensors.


These sensors detect the difference in capacitance to discern pressure, acceleration, and position, among other physical parameters. One example of a capacitive sensor that you’re probably familiar with is a computer or smart phone touch screen.


So many of the devices and gadgets we rely on in everyday life have become wireless, and sensors are no exception. Wireless types of sensors can increase functionality and reliability. In certain situations, this can make them a better choice than sensors that use wires or direct connections.


Gasses naturally behave much differently than liquids. They completely fill the space in which they are enclosed, and they are also more compressible. There are many different technologies and methods used to measure gas pressure.

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